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Relaunch Date

Church Family,

Thank you so much to all those who have put in work this holiday weekend to make progress on ours action steps for meeting in person again!

After much discussion and consideration, the session has decided that we will have our first relaunched, in-person service this Sunday, May 31st! We are excited about this, but we also DO NOT want to shame or diminish those who do not feel ready for this step or are unable to come for health reasons. High quality streaming of our service remains a top priority going forward as one way to serve those who can't be present. We know that not everyone is going to be there this Sunday, and we honor those who in following their consciences glorify the Lord by obeying the decision he has put on their consciences.

In the book of Romans, Paul teaches us how to interact with Christians who have differences of conscience on issues the Bible doesn't give us a clear, 100% answer upon. And in his guidance, there is NEVER a question of who is right. The question instead is always, "how can I love my brother/sister despite our differences?" And we hope as leaders to be examples of that attitude in these coming months.

The safety plan described in my last e-mail remains unchanged. We are doing EVERY SINGLE THING we can to ensure the safety of every person who trusts our church enough to step through our doors, even exceeding the recently released state guidelines in a few areas!

I'm excited to see many of you again soon. I miss y'all and I'm praying for you. Please be praying for the Lord's hand to be on this decision, for us to communicate this decision well to our community, for them to hear our love and care for them in this decision. Be praying for God's protection, as we know tomorrow is never guaranteed but is always the gift of God! The Session thanks you all for your prayers and help throughout this crisis. May the Kingdom of God continue to grow and lift His name high in Woodlake through us!

God Bless,

Pastor Jon

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