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The Plan for In-Person Services

Church Family,

I've got two things I want to communicate with you today. The Plan and The To-Do List. Everything is changing fast, and we are staying flexible. This is what the church's plan is right now for reopening.

The Plan - Sunday Worship Services, at the church, as soon as possible. We do not have a definite date yet, we hope to have that to you all very soon.

Safety Plan -

1. We will request that people wear masks, and have extra available. For the safety of others, but also for the peace of mind of others.

2. We will help every family or group to find seats an appropriate distance from others.

3. We will disinfect all surfaces between services.

4. We will ask that you stay home if you are feeling even a little bit sick.

5. We will continue to provide a high quality streaming service for at-risk individuals and those who feel unsafe attending at this time.

5. We will not run the central AC.

Practical Details -

1. Yeah, you read that right. No AC. We hate it too. But our safety guru and the best research we've seen says that central AC is a major factor in spreading this thing. If you're showing up on Sunday, it means you're trusting us. We value that trust. We are going to do every single thing in our power to not betray it.

2. Since we won't have AC, we are meeting earlier to avoid the worst of the heat! Sunday Service at the church will be at 9 AM.

3. For at least the first few weeks, we will not have nursery/preschool care available. This is in respect to the safety of our kids and nursery workers/volunteers. We will be working to amp up our kid's bags and after so long apart it will be a JOY to hear some beautiful, joyful chaos!

The To-Do List:

A lot of people are doing a lot of work to make this plan possible, and possible SOON. Here's who they are, and some ways you can help!

Sanitation Team: We will have a team of people that will be cleaning the sanctuary every week before and after worship, as well as keeping the bathrooms disinfected on Sunday morning. This team is being led by Jeff Johnson. How to help: Contact Pastor Jon or Jeff to volunteer to help!

Greeting/Ushering Team: Church is gonna be a bit more complicated for a little while here. Sitting down without being too close to someone else, getting one of the extra masks if you forgot yours, and on top of all of it we are praying and believing for the spiritually hungry folks of Woodlake to walk in our doors, many for the first time ever. That means we need people trained to greet them and serve them, safely. This team is being led by James Henderson. How to help: Contact Pastor Jon or James to volunteer to help greet some Sunday!

Acquiring Disinfectant Supplies: One of the ways we are respecting your health is by nuking every germ on our property straight into an early grave!!! Alright, maybe it's not that dramatic, but we needed some levity here. We ARE going to thoroughly disinfect the property every single week. The effort to get the supplies we need is being led by Paul Sakaguchi. How to help: This is a time for you secret hoarders to save us! Right now, we need lysol wipes. Other needs will be communicated as they arise.

One Last Thing: We've designed a survey that will help us in a lot of different ways to plan for our first Sundays back together. Knowing what you now know from the plan and the to-do list above, please fill out the survey below! It will only take a couple minutes and it will be immensely valuable to us as we plan out our first few weeks back together in person!!!

Click Here to Fill Out Survey!!!

God Bless,

Pastor Jon

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