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The history of Woodlake Presbyterian began in 1857 when a group of friends and relatives (mostly Blairs, Moffets, Pogues, and Ragles) traveled  by covered wagon from St. Louis to California. Led by Reverend Jonathan Blair, they eventually settled near Bravo Lake in Antelope Valley.  At first, worship services were held in homes and in camp meetings along the river. In 1866 they began to worship in a building which was moved from Elderwood to the church property at the corner of what is now Naranjo and Cypress, and the town began to grow around it, becoming what is now Woodlake, CA! 

In 1906 the church's previous denomination changed its name to the PC(USA) and in 1913 the church was incorporated as the First Presbyterian Church of Woodlake. Over the next century, the national denomination changed its name many times as the little church in Woodlake remained faithful to the mission of serving Christ in the community, until finally the church chose to separate itself from the PCUSA in 2014 over questions of doctrinal faithfulness and to unite with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Regardless of denomination, Woodlake Presbyterian has continued to faithfully serve as a evangelical, theologically conservative, mission-minded group of believers, preaching the gospel from this same street corner for more than 150 years!

Our church has continued to worship and serve at that location ever since! A "Sabbath school" for kids and adults and a Ladies Aid Society were among the first activities in which the church participated, and throughout the years, ministry to the community has remained a top priority of the church, including (but not limited to) vacation bible school, missions support, local assistance, and a weekly kid's club after-school program.

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