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WPC has sent a team to Mexico every Easter for over 30 yrs.  The last 15 years a team of approx. 20-30 youth and adults have ministered in Santa Juquilla, south of Ensenada near the town of Maneadero.
We have watched and served as God has improved a labor camp with a very small group of garage door and tarp homes into quite a sizable little town with small wooden houses, water, and now electricity. It even has a name, Santa Juquila. There is now a church bldg., a school, and even a store. A full time missionary provides ministry in a former orphanage bldg.
Our service has included  VBS type ministry to the children, new clothes, showers for the kids, women’s ministry, and many small building projects as needed by the missionary or the residents. They, mostly Oaxacans, are laborers in flower and vegetable fields.
Last year Gleanings for the Hungry supported our ministry by sending over 100 bags of dehydrated soup mix for the families. In 2017/2018 we provided funds and facilitated the administrative work needed to build a small home for a family of 11, including four special needs kids, who were living in tents. Our main focus now is on supporting and enabling the ministry of the full-time missionary in Santa Juquilla, Mark Neafie. Learn more at...
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