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Youth and Kids Ministry at WPC

One of Woodlake Presbyterian's core values is ministry to children and youth. We are committed to helping raise the next generation of Christian servants. Kids and teens are not only the future of Woodlake Presbyterian, they are its present. To this end, much of the programming and volunteer effort at Woodlake Presbyterian goes into programming for kids and teens.
You can plan to see a ton happening with youth and kids on Sunday mornings at Woodlake Presbyterian. With age appropriate Sunday School classes, a Children's church period during part of the main service, and with children and teens singing, playing music, and reading scriptures in the service, our Sundays are an expression of our commitment to next generation ministries!
During the week there is a ton going on for kids and teens at Woodlake Presbyterian. Let's start with youth stuff!
There is something for teens pretty much every Sunday night at Woodlake Presbyterian. Whether that's a special event, bible study, or youth group, you always have a place with us! Call/email us to get put on a "remind" list for event reminders. 559-564-8460 or

In addition, we have special events during the week throughout the year. Whether that's a movie, a minor league baseball game, or playing volleyball in  a seasonal stream bed, keep your eye on the calendar for special times with friends!
WPC cares about transforming kids into real followers of Christ, including kids in our community with no connection to the church or to Christ.  WPC has offered a free after school program to the community for almost forty years, with Kids’ Club in its current form running for more than 25 years! There are two Sessions, with ten weeks Fall/Winter and ten weeks Winter/Spring.
Woodlake Presbyterian's kids ministry is no slouch either! In addition to our Sunday morning programs (Kids and Youth Sunday School at 9AM on Sundays!), we have plenty of family friendly events, and, of course, Kid's Club!
All children in second to fifth grades are invited, with a special program for sixth graders. Transportation is provided from local schools.  There is spirited group praise singing , a variety of awesome classes, and a bible lesson and prayer. At the end of the both sessions parents are invited for a slide show and  to hear the kids sing. At the end of the Winter Session the children and adults go Christmas caroling to our housebound adults’ homes and in the Spring the parents are all invited for sharing and dinner.
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