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Woodlake Presbyterian exists to love our community and our world, to equip Jesus' followers to serve him, and to worship him together! Come get to know us! Our Sunday morning service starts at 10AM and is done by 11AM. You don't have to dress up or down to come, people come to church here in jeans and t-shirts and in their "Sunday best"! We would love to see you!


Woodlake Presbyterian Church's mission is to love our neighbors, equip disciples, and worship for the Glory of God.

Woodlake Presbyterian Church will love our neighbors. We are committed as a congregation to identifying opportunities for reaching out with the love and gospel of Christ, investing our time, energy, care, money, and effort into that work. We are committed as individuals and families to lives of service. We are committed to personal evangelism to those God brings into our lives.

Woodlake Presbyterian Church will equip disciples. We are committed to the education of God’s people, encouraging one another to service and dedication toward God, demonstrating Christ’s love by serving others, and sending Christians out into the world to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are committed to raising up God-gifted servant leaders in our congregation, supporting and encouraging each other to grow in their faith.

Woodlake Presbyterian Church will worship for the glory of God. Our worship is founded upon God’s revelation in the Bible. The sermons, prayers, songs, and every part of our worship services are based on God’s Word and dedicated to God’s promises, plans, and perfection. Our worship as a church extends to every moment of our lives as we selflessly love God and others.

We are not perfect, as a church or as individuals, and we will continue to stumble and fall until the Lord calls us home. But while we are here, we will endeavor to seek his will and glorify him.

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